Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cosplay and Catkin

Today's update is going to be heavy on pictures, light on words. First, to finish off the update I promised from the other night, I have pictures of my very first cosplay ever made.

Loki from Marvels 'The Avengers'
I started in June, and finished the night before Chicago Comic-Con 8/9/12 (granted, I really drug my feet and got nothing accomplished until mid July, so some of that time was spent doing absolutely nothing!

The jacket :

That jacket is made of a heavy faux leather lined with green cotton and striped with a random gold scrap fabric in my scraps bin. Three nights were spent putting all the little gold squares around the entirety of the edges of the coat. The sleeves were originally attached to the tunic, but wound up moved to the jacket so I could take the whole setup off if I got too hot. Which happens real easily!

The tunic :
So many crisscrossing pieces of leather, and tiny gold pieces to fix in place...lets just keep adding layers upon layers, right? XD

The pants and boots :

The pants unfortunately didn't survive the convention, and I'm back to the drawing board on them.The boots on the other hand, I'm super proud of XD

The props :
I have a functioning Tessaract, just to add to the nerdisms XD It's just a baseball box stuffed with crumpled wax paper, submersible blue battery strobes from Michaels, and some frost spray paint to diffuse the light even more.

All in all, for a version one, on my first attempt, I'm proud with how this turned out : 

Update on Catkin:
I actually just closed up the shorter blooms, so I'm a few rows further, but my goal is to bind it off this weekend. I think I can do it! XD

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